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Heavy Towing

Finding a reliable heavy duty towing near you with the capacity to haul really heavy trucks can be a challenge. We have capacity for up to 75 Ton Truck Towing for your truck. Loaded or Unloaded. So don't miss out on getting assistance and say good bye to endless fruitless search.

About Us

Magnito Heavy towing SVS was founded in 1988 to provide you with reliable towing services in Canada.

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“Whether you need a tow truck for your car or heavy machinery moved, Heavy Towing Limited can help at affordable rates”

"Excellent customer service!!! He was already in the area when I requested for a semi truck towing and nearly waited 10 minutes for me to gather my belongings! . Many thanks!!"
Scott Roberson
Semi-Truck Driver
"Heavy Towing is the greatest! John was extremely helpful in dealing with my semi truck problem. Excellent attitude and work ethic. If you ever need a semi truck towing, call this company first!"
Gerald Guzman
Semi-Truck Driver
"This company is fair, professional, wise and affable - I was stressed out with my situation and called this company for a semi truck towing. Heavy Duty pulled up like a tow truck guru everything went good! Excellent."
Jesse Green
Semi-Truck Driver

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Whether your truck is loaded or not, we have capability for towing up to 75-ton trucks. Call Us Now to get immediate assistance

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