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Get towing service in 30 Minutes when you are experiencing any of these issues on the road:

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Get RV Towing in 30 Mins in 3 Simple Steps

1. You Call Us

When you call us we ask you a couple of leading questions to determine the condition of your vehicle so that we can come with everything we need to tow safely.

2. Get Free Estimate

One of the questions we ask you is the exact location of your vehicle. This might include a google location or locate Zip Code to enable us quickly come to your location.

3. We Arrive To Assist You

Since we already know your location and your problem beforehand, its easy for us to get you quick assistance within the shortest time possible. We come mentally ready and with a plan to assist you.

Over 30 Years of Quality RV Towing

In the last 30 years, we have offered towing to drivers with the following trucks:

Quick Response RV Towing Company

"I did not believe how quickly they arrived to tow by truck!" - Scott Roberson

When it comes to the question of response, we have consistently been the fastest response company over for the last 30 years. We arrive 30 Minutes from the time you call us. Call Us NOW to get towing 30 Minutes from now. 

Get RV towing in Easy 3-Steps

Once your truck breaks down, you need to get assistance withing the shortest time possible. That’s why we provide you towing in 30 Minutes.

When you call us, we get details of the reason as to why you need a tow (eg if truck can’t start), your location, the type of semi-truck, and whether it is loaded. That is all we need to know. In 30 Minutes, our tow truck will be there to offer you towing service.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Whether you need a tow truck for your car or heavy machinery moved, Heavy Towing Limited can help at affordable rates”

"Excellent customer service!!! He was already in the area when I requested for a semi truck towing and nearly waited 10 minutes for me to gather my belongings! . Many thanks!!"
Scott Roberson
Semi-Truck Driver
"Heavy Towing is the greatest! John was extremely helpful in dealing with my semi truck problem. Excellent attitude and work ethic. If you ever need a semi truck towing, call this company first!"
Gerald Guzman
Semi-Truck Driver
"This company is fair, professional, wise and affable - I was stressed out with my situation and called this company for a semi truck towing. Heavy Duty pulled up like a tow truck guru everything went good! Excellent."
Jesse Green
Semi-Truck Driver

Get Towing For Loaded Or Unloaded Truck Now!

Our Expert Will arrive within 30 Mins

Whether your truck is loaded or not, we have capability for towing up to 75-ton trucks. Call Us Now to get immediate assistance

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